Hello, friends. And welcome.

I hope you and I can find a way to partner together for your upcoming project needs. I would love to help make your dreams a reality!


My Story

I am an American, born in the heart of Africa, and have since traveled this beautiful world. From North and South Americas to Europe and Asia I have fallen in love with people and cultures, along with the beauty and story within each one. This has inspired me immensely and has shaped the way that I look through the lens of a camera, and the way I relate to you. I would love to meet you and assist you in any way that I can.

Andrew bw for minicard.jpg

The image you see above is actually a composite of many images. Using specific studio lighting techniques as well as some photoshop "magic", you can achieve just about any kind of image you want. These kinds of images are just packed with "story potential". This first ingredient required for this is simply: an active imagination! Then lights, camera, action!